Pneumatic Needle Scaler (Small)



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DTN 921

Dom needle scaler is a percussive tool. This tool has set of 12 needles of hardened spring steel with chisel tips. These needles work individually, making the needle scaler particularly suitable for clearing work on irregular surfaces and in corners where chisel scaler cannot be used and also mainly used for cleaning heavy paint and rust scale from metal surfaces.


  • Compact and easy to use.

  • 12 Hardened steel needles

  • Ideal for use with hard, durable, Irregular surfaces that can with stand a heavy scouring.

User Industries:

Mainly used in shipyards, paint workshops and castings.

Specifications       :


Model no 

Impact per min

No.of needle scaler 

( chisel width )

Air inlet

Air pressure

Air consumption


Overall length

Piston ( Ø x stroke mm)


DTN 921

4800 bpm


Ø 3 x 125 x 12 pcs
1/4” pt

90 psi

8 cfm

1.2 kg ( aprx )

290 mm ( aprx )
18 x 14 x 47



* The type and specification may be changed with or without notice.

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