Pneumatic Heavy Duty Chipper

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DTC 33


Application  : 

Removing weld flux, chipping, scraping and other residue removing from variety of irregular surfaces. 


User industries : 

Fabrication shops, Foundries, Paint shops, Refineries, Construction and engineering industries etc


Features  :  

Compact light weight, Easy to handle, Teasing throttle for smooth, Precise and safer chipping. Hardened steel piston and cylinder for longer life. 

Specifications       :


Model No       

No.of Blows per min      

Stroke length         


Air inlet              

Air Consumption    

Weight without chisel 

Air  Pressure 


DTC  33


76.2 mm  

378 mm ( aprx )


40  cfm

6.5  kgs ( aprx )

90 psi


* The type and specification may be changed with or without notice.

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