Pneumatic Gun type Nutsert Machine (M8 & M10)

logo copy.jpg   PNEUMATIC NUTSERT MACHINE ( Gun type )


DTN 812


Application : 

Designed and developed for insertion of nutserts on variety of material such as Steel, Al, Fiber, Plastic etc., at high speed. This tool can be used for thin sheet application down to a thickness of 0.50 mm. 


User Industries : 

Electrical & electronic paneling, Automobile assembly units, Bus body building, Refrigeration, White good manufacturers, Solar industries, Mechanical Industries etc.,


Features  : 

Light weight, compact, rugged and durable construction. Dom Nutsert provides unique, versatile, high speed riveting of nutserts. The riveted nut has a deep and strong grip with vibration proof on any sheet up to the minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. It is a user friendly tool which can be operated by even an unskilled person. The cycle time is 7.5 – 12 seconds.


Specifications       :


Model No    

Time cycle       


Thread  Size     


Air inlet     

Air consumption


Air pressure     


DTN 812

7.5 – 12 seconds

5 - 18 nm

M8 & M10

280 mm (aprx)


4 cfm

1.65 kgs (aprx)

90 psi


* The type and specification may be changed with or without notice.

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