Air Micro Die Grinder (70,000 rpm)


logo copy.jpg   AIR MICRO DIE GRINDER

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DTG 318

Application :  

Die contouring engraving, material removal of high precision work in intricate places.

User Industries:  

Die shops, Automobiles and fabrication shops, assembly units etc.

Features  : 

High power rotor maintains high speed even under load. Available in 3 mm collet sizes.

Specifications       :


Model No       

Free Speed

Collet Size         


Air inlet                

Air Consumption  


Air  Pressure      


DTG 318

70,000  rpm

3  mm

155  mm ( aprx )


5  cfm

0.11  kgs ( aprx )

90 psi


* The type and specification may be changed with or without notice.

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